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Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex

[History, Archaeology, First Nations & Inuit]

Birthplace of Montréal and an authentic archaeological site, Pointe-à-Callière leads visitors through six centuries of history, from Indian days to the present. Opened in 1992, it combines treasures from the past with advanced technology to offer a fascinating experience.

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  • A 270º screen puts you at the centre of a spectacular immersive experience! Powerful and evocative images of unparalleled emotional intensity take visitors to the heart of great moments in the history of Montréal and its development. With Yours Truly,Montréal, the City speaks to us and tells us its story over time: the birth of Mount Royal, the arrival of the Amerindians, the founding of Montréal, French and British regimes, the modern era and the development of networks.

  • Often mistaken for one another, pirates and privateers dealt with very similar challenges, but one group worked legitimately while the other didn’t. Here’s a golden opportunity to learn which were the true heroes of the St. Lawrence River with Pirates or Privateers?

    Specifically designed for young people and families, the exhibition will take shape as an adventure tale in which all visitors will have a chance to climb aboard a huge ship, created especially for the occasion. Young people will set off on a journey, as if they themselves were 17th century privateers.

    Presented in the Ancienne-Douane building, Pirates or Privateers? will bring to life the world of the privateers that left their mark on Québec’s past, notably the great Montréal privateer Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville. An explorer and privateer born on Saint-Paul Street in Old Montréal (near the present-day location of Pointe-à-Callière), D’Iberville will choose young recruits to be part of his crew.

    The interactive and immersive experience will delight youngsters: imagination, initiative, team spirit, and physical and intellectual abilities are required throughout the tour. Participants will find out if they have what it takes to become privateers, and learn if they have the skills of a good sailor, a sense of direction, and the ability to navigate a boat. This unique space will feature objects and artefacts from various Québec-based collections. It just goes to show that history, archaeology, and adventure can go hand in hand.

  • La Station de pompage Youville, située au 173 d’Youville, est un élément important du patrimoine industriel de Montréal. Cette première station de pompage des eaux usées alimentée à l’électricité donne la chance aux visiteurs de mieux comprendre le mode de fonctionnement et les étapes franchies par les eaux usées qui sont acheminées vers l’actuelle station d’épuration. Les visites sont disponibles pour les groupes (15 personnes minimum) seulement, sur réservation : (514) 872-9127

  • The new permanent exhibition, Where Montréal Was Born, is an emotion-packed rendezvous with the history of this city born over 360 years ago. Highlights: Montréal's first Catholic cemetery, with an audiovisual environment, along with an interactive model showing how the site has evolved from 1350 to the present and a virtual fresco taking visitors back to a market day in 1750, as passenger pigeons flutter in the marketplace.

  • 2013-06-01-2020-06-01

    Learn about archaeology while having fun! The Archaeo-Adventure workshop features a unique simulated dig space for young people and their families. Children can explore the archaeology profession and, working on their own, are introduced to field and lab work. A stimulating activity!

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    Pointe-à-Callière invites young people and their grandparents to pay a visit to the Museum... together! Grandparents (65 and over, on presentation of a piece of ID) and their grandchildren (under 18) both get in free. Family rate, and children under 6 are admitted free.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
June 24 to September 1: daily, until 6 p.m.

:: Closed on April 13, May 18, October 12, December 25 and January 1.

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350 Place Royale, Montréal

metro Place-d'Armes, Saint-Urbain exit or Square-Victoria, Saint-Jacques exit

(514) 872-9150

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