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Nathalie Bondil: plenty of projects in mind

As Director of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) since 2007, Nathalie Bondil has succeeded in transforming “her” museum into a premier rendezvous for art lovers. Warm and erudite, with a sincere smile, she exudes an irresistible passion for art and museums. The MMFA’s future is in good hands, as Ms. Bondil has a mind brimming with projects and a singular talent for creating sustained interest on the part of the Montréal public.

To gauge the scope of Ms. Bondil’s plans, one need only look at her programming of off-the-beaten-track exhibitions with themes ranging from Cuba to Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol and music. She has a keen desire to broaden the Museum’s collections, an unflagging determination to enrich it with a fourth pavilion, devoted exclusively to Canadian art, and seemingly boundless energy for setting up programs promoting wider access to the institution – not to mention a wealth of ideas on how to best celebrate the MMFA’s 150th anniversary in 2010. Above all, though, she aims to share with all Montrealers the wonder she feels in the constant rediscovery of the meaning of art. Plenty of projects to watch for…

Born in France, Ms. Bondil is a graduate of the French state heritage curatorship program. She worked at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and at Sotheby’s in New York City, then at the Musée national des Monuments français in Paris. She left that position in 1999 to join the MMFA, soon becoming its Chief Curator. She has travelled the world as a specialist in European art of the late 17th and early 20th centuries, and has chosen to live here in Montréal and share her passion for close to a decade now.