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Thanks to everyone for taking part in Montréal Museums Day!



Credits : Bernard Fougères

On Sunday, May 25, lots and lots of you made wonderful discoveries at the 34 participating museums.

We want to extend our warmest thanks to our partners who made this event possible, our loyal spokesperson Pénélope McQuade, the media who spread the word about MMD and even Mother Nature, who gave us such a beautiful sunny day!

We’re already looking forward to the 29th edition of Montréal Museums Day, on Sunday, May 24, 2015! See you then!



The Board of Montreal Museum Directors (BMMD) has been organizing Montréal Museums Day, presented by Québecor, in collaboration with the STM, since 1987. This very popular open house event is unique in North America. The goal is to make Montréal museums better known and more popular with Montrealers. It’s a way for the museums to put down deeper roots in the community and make culture and knowledge more accessible.

Montréal Museums Day is the Board’s biggest event, an essential annual celebration for thousands of Montrealers and for tourists, as well. In 2014, 34 BMMD members took part in this fabulous day.

*More information about the Montréal Museums Day 2015 will be available soon.

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Thanks to our partners for Montréal Museums Day 2014

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